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When We "Gave Away" Our Republic…

And How We Will Reclaim Her!

The South’s Secession

When the Southern states walked out of the Congressional assembly on March 27, 1861, due to the unresolved debate over the slavery issues, the quorum to conduct business under the Constitution was lost. Congress was adjourned Sine Die -"without a day". Lincoln could not legally reconvene Congress because the lawful deliberative body ceased to exist from that occurrence.


Lincoln’s Proclamation: (

After South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas left the union, Lincoln made his proclamation on April 15, 1861 by placing the country under military law and increasing the militia. As Congress reconvened, it was under the military authority of the Commander-in-Chief and not by Rules of Order for Parliamentary bodies or by Constitutional Law; thereby placing the American people under Martial Rule for the duration of the Civil War, 1861-1865.  Lincoln was assassinated before it could be lifted.


February 21, 1871, with a massive debt due to the Civil War, America declared bankruptcy and was sold to investors. The existing government was mothballed.  When Congress passed "An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia.", it allowed a privately-owned corporation to quietly take its place. Most people did not even notice. Washington, DC was created as a foreign country/corporation and became the headquarters of the corporate government. Congress returned, but was and is working for the corporation. 

(United States is a corporation


Federal Reserve 


In 1913, the Federal Reserve Act was created and implemented.  America no longer had ownership of asset-backed money. All money was then created and owned by the Federal Reserve (a privately held corporation).  From that time, American had to borrow money only from that source.  By 1933, our gold reserves had all been sold to pay interest on loans, our gold reserves were sold off.  Without asset-backed currency, the national debt skyrocketed and has been increasing exponentially ever since. It has come to a point where paying down the national debt is impossible. 


Restoring the Republic of America

General Douglas MacArthur studied under the Field Training Manual TM-2000-25

TM_2000-25_Training Manual_Citizenship_1928.pdf - Google Drive  issued by the War Department in 1929.  Years later, President John F. Kennedy and others also made unsuccessful attempts to restore America’s sovereignty; however, cumulatively they succeeded in laying out the basic plans to restore our country.


In 2009 using that Field Training Manual, a group of retired Navy officers formed the Michigan General Jural Assembly and resettled the state in January 2010. They officially adjourned the 1861 Congress on October 12,2012 and brought it back into session in an interim status.

Michigan Timeline 2018 - Michigan - a Free and Independent state (


In 2020 Alaska followed suit! (Alaska’s de jure Time Line (


Now is time for the rest of our states to unite and establish sovereignty and self-governance once again.  This will be achieved peaceably by organizing your General Jural Assemblies on the state and county levels!  We must come together in assembly to create the explicit voice of the People in order to instruct our representatives about what we expect them to do. NOW is the time to resume our Constitutional Republic where our rights given to us by God are fully respected and protected.


Since our Creator gave us these rights, they are secured by Divine law.  This Divine Trust also gave man dominion over this land.  (Genesis 1:26,28)  Therefore, these un-alien-able rights cannot be taken from us by any man.


The Founders designed and gave us a system of governance.  The assembly of people forms at the county level, which creates state assemblies.  This is the lawful authority the military recognizes.  The states in turn elect delegates to the Continental Congress, which creates the voice of the people for the unification of the states.


We must come together to work within Assemblies on County and State levels where our voices will be heard and acknowledged. 


It simply takes a small amount of time to be part of your Assembly.  Do it NOW!

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