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The Florida General Jural Assembly 

The Florida General Jural Assembly is a collective of peaceful, concerned patriotic Americans who have come together to restore the principles that America stands for in the original Constitution. We come from all walks of life, ages, races, religions, professions, and all with a common goal of uniting the people for a just cause: to be the nation of sovereign, independent Americans. A jural assembly is an unincorporated association for the purpose of edifying and enforcing common law. 


To create the most free, productive, joyful state in the united States of America.



The Florida General Jural Assembly 

“WE, THE PEOPLE, claiming our God-given Rights based in Christian Principles, intend to return and maintain the governance of Florida, a Free and Independent nation=state to the status proclaimed by the Magna Charta, the Declaration of Independence, and the Original Organic Constitution dated 1787 and amended 1791.  These God-given Rights are for ALL PEOPLE, realizing the only limitation which affects a God-given Right is where there is a conflict between the Rights claimed by two or more sovereign people”.
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